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You may be stuck in a rut wondering about the cheapest places to visit outside Canada or within Canada. If Calgary is on your list of places to relocate to within Canada, it’s best to know what you are signing up for.
Calgary, one of the most populated cities in western Canada, is Canada’s oil capital in the province of Alberta.
The vibrant city has a lot going for it, from the nearby Rocky Mountains to a booming job market. But before you pack up the U-Haul, you need to understand Calgary’s…

E-cigarette companies are actively attracting young people to try vaping by using various marketing tactics. Canadian vaping suppliers promoting their products on traditional media, such as radio and television, they also go where the young people are, such as recreational events and venues, retail shops, and the internet.
It’s hard to doubt the marketing ploys because, to date, e-cigarette enjoy the spotlight of being among the most known tobacco products among the younger generation.
Good Vaping Marketing Ploys

Surge Energy has struck a deal to acquire Fire Sky Energy. This is a very good deal for Surge, which is a company that specializes in buying smaller rivals and/or assets from bigger companies. If the two operations and customer bases are compatible and if the price is right, it might make sense to manage them together.
The proposed transaction is to issue 11.2 million shares and assume net debt of about $3 million, thus increasing the company’s land holdings, production, and reserves by a factor of three. The transaction is expected to be completed within two months. After this deal, Surge expects to have a lot of concentrated…

Firoz Patel was found guilty in the US back in July 2020 due to certain cases. A company he set up in the United Arab Emirates is included in the Pandora Papers files.
Rogue Montreal-based money transfer mogul Firoz Patel boarded a flight to the United Arab Emirates on April 8, 2017, as American and Canadian experts advanced inquiries into his actions.
Leaked documents obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists as part of the worldwide Pandora Papers investigation reveal the trail of Patel’s offshore account. More than 600 journalists in 117 countries and territories worked together to search …

Oil prices increased this fall to territory not seen in seven years. According to experts, a jump in global demand and a lack of spare production capacity could mean that crude oil worth US$100 per barrel could become a reality.
As oil prices increase, the demand for new, efficient technologies drops. The world is now flooded with oil that is no longer profitable. Innovators are scrambling to create Earth-friendly solutions that the world wants and needs.
Oil prices have increased due to the low supply of oil. Prices have been at the highest level since basically 2014, which was the initial big crash that affected the …