Over the past week, the bestseller list for nonfiction books by Indigenous writers is now dominated by Indigenous authors. Recently, the best reads have been Jesse Wente’s “Unreconciled” (which includes his account of dealing with the death of his sister).

Wente’s memoir/manifesto focuses on his life as a Canadian-born black man. He has written a number of powerful essays about reconciliation, diversity, and equity. An indigenous filmmaker and critic, Wente writes about how he began making movies, his views on contemporary indigenous issues, and why it is important for them to be depicted on the big screen.

There are a few new books that I’m excited about this fall, and I would love to share some of them with you. Beverley McLachlin, a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, has a mystery novel. The mystery is always better when you don’t know the ending in advance.

Be sure to check out literary narrative by Miriam Toews, including her award-winning book A Complicated Kindness; and two coming-of-age offerings. Toews’s third novel is a champion of the Governor-General’s prize for fiction. This is going to be a fantastic collection of books.

Wayne Johnston’s novel about an aspiring young writer from Newfoundland is also on the list. Never before has Wayne Johnston presented a more memorable story about the lives of young aspiring writers in Newfoundland. A fictionalized account of the life of a young writer has many similarities to his own life. If you’re looking to get into writing, you might want to study up the elements of this novel.

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