The Own Cancer Centre campaign is among the greatest to ever happen in Canada. The campaign was launched through the combined efforts of the University of Calgary and the Alberta Cancer Foundation. The campaign is set to support the Cancer Centre to provide services for cancer patients.

So far, the campaign has raised $70 million, which is far from the $250 million anticipated to complete the noble cause.

The campaign is set to convince the residents of Calgary and Alberta to join the cause and make contributions depending on their capacities. The campaigners acknowledge that the task is huge for those who will participate, but their effort is needed to make it successful.

The money raised in this campaign will be directed toward improving patient outcomes, reducing the cancer population, and improving cancer treatments. Basically, the Centre will handle all cancer aspects by seeking to be an excellent one-stop place for people looking for cancer treatment.

The aim of the campaign is to make the Calgary Cancer Centre the most comprehensive one in Canada, with enough accommodation from Condo Management Calgary, in-depth research, and the best cancer patient treatment experience.

While there is no tight timeline set for the campaign, the cause is set to have the funds before the cancer center opens in 2023. With more than 200,000 people in Alberta living with cancer, the campaign will benefit and bring hope to these patients and take them through the transformative change of treatment and care.

The Calgary Cancer Centre also offers an opportunity to expand, research, and care for people battling cancer. Many physicians, health staff, and researchers will also be accommodated in this Centre to improve the health of Albertans.

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