Commuters in the Valley ridge and Cresmont woke up on Tuesday to find a major snarl-up caused by the construction work ongoing at Calgary west Ring road. The commuters are spending a lot of time on this jam and sometimes are late to work in the morning, which inconveniences their schedule.

One commuter, Sam Babatunde, expressed his frustrations about the traffic by noting he would be late for work despite leaving home at 8 o’clock in the morning. A similar trend was observed in the evening whereby commuters could not reach home in the evening on time.

Before getting access to the TransCanada Highway or the northbound Stoney Trail, commuters spent about 30 minutes in the traffic jam. This trend is expected to continue for some time since the West Calgary Ring Road will be completed by 2024. However, the construction company is expected to ease the traffic to avoid inconveniencing the commuters.

The mega project announced in 2018 has experienced a two-year delay and will be complete in 2024. The road is projected to accommodate about 80,000 vehicles in a day and create about 2,600 jobs during its construction phase.

The road is under construction of three sections which are the North, South, and Bow River Bridge project. It will include 24 bridges and 6 interchanges to make it a complete, efficient project.

The last few months have been busy for Calgary’s construction firms. In March 2019, EllisDon received a design-build contract worth $463 over at the North project while AECON and Flatiron were awarded an additional $89 in twinning work on the West Bow River Bridge near downtown Calgary shortly thereafter.

Caly SafeLink partners also announced that they had secured another huge win with their consortium agreement where Graham VINCI + Carmacks will be partnering together to develop the South project.

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